7 rules of Emotional Health

1. Wear colored clothes!

People who wear exclusively black clothes tend to suffer from a so-called “rejected” injury. Thus, they seem to try to reduce the degree of suffering they suffer because black color “cuts off” the opportunity to feel the world around. But they forget about one thing: other people also can not feel them.

2. Drink more water!

We remind you that the different types of liquid that you use during the day are not included in two liters of water, which you must drink daily. It should be pure natural water, which can help you to purify yourself of the acid, which is now produced practically by all food products.

3. Be attentive to your own thoughts!

Remember, you can never control what others say or believe in. But you can decide to become the master of your own thoughts and, consequently, your words, which are always a reflection of your thinking.

4. Take time to sleep properly!

It will be great if before going to sleep you decide to immerse yourself in an inspiring reading that increases your vibrations of love and self-esteem. If you still find it difficult to sleep because of the increased activity of your mind, go up and write down everything that is happening in your head. When you go back to sleep, visualize only your desires, but in no case is the current problem.

5. Notice the beauty!

To surround yourself with beauty, you do not need to spend a fortune. Walk around the house and appreciate what beautiful you find in each subject. I think you will quickly see that “beautiful” does not always mean “expensive”. To see beauty, one must be receptive to beauty. Develop in yourself this quality!

6. Do not take life too seriously!

This means learning to let go, laugh more and not be so serious. To be able to let go is to continue to feel good, even if the results do not meet your expectations. Everything cannot be controlled!

7. Never give up!

Remember, if your desire is not fulfilled, then you are waiting for something better. So tell yourself that in life there are no failures or mistakes, there is only experience that helps to know yourself.

7 rules of Emotional Health
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