10 ways to defeat a bad mood

Each of us periodically suffers from a bad mood. Sometimes for some reason, sometimes for no reason. Though the reason is always. We just do not always want to admit it to ourselves. Do not give up. There are many ways to defeat a bad mood, and we will talk about the most effective of them.

Food and sports

Sometimes an ordinary piece of chocolate can turn our mood upside down. No one says that a bad mood should always be “jammed”. But to give your brain and your body a little food, which he wants, is not a crime. After that, you can burn it with sports exercises. They not only prevent the deposition of calories on their sides but also contribute to the release of endorphins (a hormone of happiness) that will improve mood. Sometimes even a simple walk can do wonders, so do not be lazy to go out for a walk, especially on a sunny day.

Do something creative

A study conducted by British scientists (real) has proved that creative and creative pursuits contribute to a better mood. Drawing, music, writing – all this can help, and it does not matter at what level you have mastered each of these activities. Even if you can not draw, take and try to learn. Kill two birds with one stone!


Right now, reading this article. Even if you feel bad, squeeze a smile. And again we return to the study, which proved the theory that the connection “good mood-smile” is a two-way communication. The hypothesis of facial feedback is that facial expressions can change moods. So remember the smile, the moment you feel bad. Do a good deed. Having done something good for another person, you will feel much better. Therefore, if you do not succeed in making yourself happy, try to make someone else happy. A big or small act is not important. Even the smallest step will bring you pleasure.

Listen to the music

At the time I’m writing this article, Pink Floyd plays in the background, which is one of my favorite bands. I listen to them not only at work but also when I want to relax or get a little fun. I do not encourage everyone to listen to Pink Floyd, everyone has their own musical preferences. But music is a magical thing.

defeat a bad mood
defeat a bad mood

I will not say what happens to the brain at the moment when we listen to really pleasant music, but I can say for sure that it helps. So, if you want to relax and forget about your problems for a while, turn on your favorite music and enjoy it. And if you do not know where it’s best to listen to music, here you can find an overview of the best music services.

Do not stumble on others

We are all selfish and think only of ourselves. This is normal. But next time when you feel bad, try not to spoil the mood of others. If you feel that now you will insult or offend another person because of your mood, better go away and stay alone. Later you will be grateful for this.

Take your time

Close your eyes and think about anything, but not about the green zebra. Now tell me, what are you thinking about? Our brain is arranged in such a way that if it gets stuck on something, it will continue to think more and more in this direction. In a situation with a bad mood, this does not suit us. Once you feel that you think only of your bad mood, immediately switch to other thoughts and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Better yet, do something that can distract from bad thoughts. Breathe and purify your consciousness.

Yes, it sounded like I was an oriental martial artist. But a few deep breaths can really help calm down. Consider this the simplest form of meditation, and she, as you know, is able to perform miracles. Sit comfortably in a quiet and pleasant place and try not to think about anything for a few minutes. At first, it is difficult, but then it will become easier and easier. Find the reasons. If a bad mood is a one-time or rare event for you, then there’s nothing to worry about. But if you began to notice that this happens more often than you would like, pay attention to the reasons for the bad mood. You can start a diary in which you need to enter all the key events of your life. And then, analyzing it, you can get to the bottom of your own depression.

Solve the problem

The last point is the most important step. If you know, or still find the cause of your bad mood, you’ll have to figure it out. If this person, then talks to him, if this is some problem, make an effort to solve it. Do not spend all your free time on her and think only about her, but do not let her take root in your life.

10 ways to defeat a bad mood
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