How to lose weight after childbirth at home, without harm to health

Many girls, after the birth of a baby, are not at all happy with their reflection in the mirror. Alas, but along with the joy of motherhood, extra pounds can come. Running into the gym with a crumb on your hands, certainly not an option. But how, without harming health, lose weight after childbirth at home. The task seems impossible, but it is only at first glance, in fact, all that is needed is a desire and a little bit of willpower.

We make a mode

Correctly distributed time will benefit not only the mother herself but also the child. It is clear that the care of the baby was added to the family’s worries, but try to set aside a few minutes for yourself. Let not at the same time, but every day!

Doing it together

If your favorite child is asleep, then boldly go to the gym, and if not, then take it with you – even more, fun. This is both communication and training. Take the child in your arms, so that it will be convenient for both of you. Now he will help his mother lose weight after childbirth.

  • We begin with a warm-up – we shift from foot to foot, we make light corners, we can go around;
  • We sit down on a chair, preferably with a backrest, take turns lifting our knees bent at the knees, holding them in the air for how many seconds (for a start no more than 10 times for each leg);
  • Put your treasure on the couch, lie down next to the stomach, legs bend at the knees and begin to raise and lower the buttocks (15-20 times);
  • Again, sit on a chair, put the baby on his knees and hold with one hand, in the other hand we take a bottle of water, set aside and hold for a few seconds. Then lower and raise again holding in the air (15-20 times for each hand);
  • We get up and start walking around the room changing the tempo, first quickly and then slowly. Thus, the body will gradually begin to “depart” from training.
  • A beautiful figure requires effort, but you must agree, the game is worth the candle!
lose weight after childbirth
lose weight after childbirth

Water is the source of beauty

It is important to drink at least 1.5 liters a day, but not tea and juice, namely plain water. This is necessary for normal digestion and intestinal work. Best of all, to drink a few minutes before eating half a glass and then, will want to eat less. Such a small self-deception, also contributes to weight loss, after childbirth.

Say no to hunger

In the morning, you need to have breakfast, but not sandwiches with sausage, and porridge. Better buckwheat, oatmeal or millet. Kasha should be boiled on water and preferably without sugar, but if you really want, you can add it, but only a little.

For the second breakfast, you can not fatty cottage cheese, yogurt, a pinch of nuts.

In the afternoon, it is desirable to have a lean soup, cooked or steamed vegetables, a small piece of boiled meat or fish.

Important snack, you can eat an apple or pear, but from bananas and grapes, it is better to refuse. You can crunch a carrot or cucumber, cook a dish of zucchini.

We do not need to give the enemy a dinner, we leave it to ourselves, but in a useful variant: you can porridge on water or a piece of lean meat in a boiled form, or steamed.

An hour before going to bed, you need to use a glass of low-fat kefir, so that the night feeling of hunger does not interfere with the plan for losing weight after childbirth.

The main thing is not to overeat, do not load your stomach, it is better to experience an easy feeling of malnutrition after eating.

You need to love yourself

Of course, I want to lose weight immediately, but it takes time. Do not be wrapped in shapeless hoodies, do not be shy. You need to pamper yourself with any available means, for example: buy yourself a beautiful underwear or sometimes allow a candy. A happy woman will come to form much faster. And maybe your figure after delivery will be even more effective than before!

How to lose weight after childbirth at home, without harm to health
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