How to cope with seasonal Depression?

Right now, I’m getting out of the depression and sharing with all those who want my time and life skills.

Chew it properly

If something comes to me or someone comes, I, like a fabulous woman-yaga, try to ask who has come to me and why. For it’s not just that. This time I did not run and jumped into the very depths of fear and pain. Because a murky and indistinct word depression means – I hide something painful under the gray blanket of apathy and bad mood. What I do not want to see, and I play indifference – I choose “no strength” before “I have to do something.” “I do not care” and “I do not want anything” instead of “I just need to, but I do not know where to get it.” Honestly, it was very difficult, and I constantly fell into self-pity. But little by little the tears were weeping, the sadness ceased to be unreasonably existential and passed into the category of light and light.

Therefore, my first step was to consciously drown in the ocean of sorrow.

Depression: is it so bad?

On the one hand, what questions can there be: a sad face, eyes dull, do not want anything. However, if depression is such a frequent phenomenon, perhaps it is for some reason we need it? If you look closely, in some cases, depression plays the role of an insulating layer – muffling external traumatic events, helping to “go into the cave” and gain strength. Power saving mode. In each individual case, the question of whether to get out of depression or stay there more, is to be addressed individually.

2. Get out of the Twilight

I turn on the lights everywhere, buy bright bulbs, work at the window, go out for a walk during the day. Light therapy is one of the most effective (and safe!) Ways of treating depression. The hormone of joy melatonin is produced by the action of light, which is why southerners always feel happier than the serious inhabitants of the North.


3. Movement is my favorite medicine

When we are happy, we do not sit still and vice versa. In captivity of indifference and hopelessness, we are reminded of flies bogged down in jam. Making myself move even a little – it was not easy. Fortunately, I conduct classes in motor and breathing-sound practice. To be honest, I did not expect myself to be let go. After classes, the pulling feeling left inside, and the strength became noticeably greater. It works!

4. “All or Nothing”

Being in a state of depression, we turn to the rather insidious style of thinking “all or nothing”, “now or never”, characteristic of the brain in a state of stress or anxiety. I was helped by the practice of writing the pros and cons of the situation in which I am. At first, I did not see any pluses at all, but after some time, invented quite a lot. And the benefits were important to me.

5. Relax

I like to get up early. But for several days I turned off the alarm and allowed myself to sleep even during the day. With mini-depressions, it sometimes helps to get enough sleep, but not for one day and not just get up an hour later, but seriously fall into hibernation for a few days. This advice I took from Malki Lorenz.

6. Posture

There is the notion of depressive posture – strengthening stoop at the expense of thoracic kyphosis, tilting the neck and shoulders forward. It leads to more shallow breathing and oxygen deficiency, as a result of the forces really become less. This pose in itself already leads to a deterioration of the blood supply to the brain and other systems, contributing to the deepening of depression. I paid special attention to this and constantly kept the focus of attention on my posture, in no way allowing myself to stop and look under my feet.

What else helps with depression:

Vitamins, antidepressants, St. John’s wort (can not be combined with other antidepressants, reduces the effectiveness of contraceptives), biological additive – amino acid tryptophan, citrus aromas, jasmine, ylang-ylang, bright colors, sing to your favorite music, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, meditation, dances , talk with a friend and ask for support, come up with a plan to escape or escape, read the records of the person who inspires you, favorite business, a good book, go to a psychotherapist, leave or a short trip, needlework, write on TKE paper that you tortured and thrown in the trash, change, smile.

How to cope with seasonal Depression?
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