How to Clean a Light or White Leather Jacket at Home?

With light things there are always more problems than with dark things – every spot on them is conspicuous, and the general pollution is noticeable almost immediately. However, white things are attractive, many women like them, because they create an attractive image and allow you to look younger. Next, we learn how to clean a white leather jacket, using the simplest substances that are in every home.

Precautionary measures

Before using any cleaner, try its action on an inconspicuous piece of skin on the underside of the product. That’s how you can check if the jacket is afraid of water. Spray a little water from the spray on the skin from the wrong side. If the wet surface has darkened, then apply aqueous solutions to clean the jacket is not recommended.

In any case, the entire jacket can not be strongly wetted, since after drying it sits down, it can change the structure and color. Proceeding from this it follows that:

  • Do not soak leather jacket;
  • you can not use a washing machine;
  • If the lining is not unfastened, then it must be washed very carefully.

At home, you can only work on separate areas. Usually, the cuffs, the place of contact with the neck and the pockets are dirtiest. Sometimes there may be stains from grease or a ballpoint pen, as well as splashes of dirt as a result of pedestrian walks.

Soap solution

It is necessary to prepare a foamy soap solution. Some people use a simple soap, but it dries the skin, so you can take liquid hand soap or shampoo. A cloth soaked in a soap solution and wrung out can clean the contaminated area, for example, a collar or pockets.

  • Similarly, at home, clean the entire surface of the leather jacket, if you splattered the car with a mud, when you stood at the curb or crossed the road.
  • To deal with greasy areas, along with soap, add a little ammonia. The soap solution is rinsed with plain water using a well-wrung cloth or cloth. Then, the leather surface is wiped dry and at the last stage is smeared with petroleum jelly or castor oil. These two substances can be bought at the pharmacy.
  • With a soap solution, you can clean not only a white but also a light jacket of any shade, and instead of petrolatum and castor oil, I also use a transparent cream.

Milk or lemon

With simple dirt, a white jacket can be cleaned with cow’s milk. It is necessary to pour a little milk in a saucer. Then take a soft tissue napkin, soak it in milk and wipe the outer surface of the jacket. Small contamination will be erased, and the skin itself will become slightly softer due to the fats contained in the milk.

Clean White Leather Jacket
Clean White Leather Jacket

If there was a need to whiten and clean at home a slightly yellowed leather jacket, then use a natural lemon, or rather, its juice. It is necessary to squeeze the lemon into a cup, moisten the cotton swab juice and diligently, but with light movements, wipe the jacket with it.

Use bleaching is often not worth it, because you can irretrievably damage the protective layer.

Eraser or solvent

Try cleaning the white or light surface of the skin with an eraser. In the case of suede products, this method very well helps. Use only a new, clean eraser, so as not to soil the jacket even more.

The ink from the pen or other stubborn stains on the white skin can be cleaned at home using a nail polish remover or turpentine diluted in milk (1: 1). Any solvent, whether pure gasoline, turpentine or acetone, should be used very carefully.

Before cleaning with it, you need to make sure that it does not damage the skin. Swipe the back of the lapel with a tampon soaked in a solvent, and wait a little. Only when you do not see obvious changes, you can gently proceed to cleaning.

When home remedies are not at hand, help can come lotion for cleaning the leather seats of the car. It removes dirt very well, but only applies to smooth skin.

A few additional tips

For the care of leather jackets, there are special tools. They need to be bought together with the purchase of leather clothes and regularly applied, then the product will remain for a long time to be a presentation. If you continue to talk about inexpensive home methods, you can add a few more tips:

  • Clean leather jacket rubbed with egg whites, pre-whisking it. This gives the outer clothing a shine.
  • Gentleness at home is provided with glycerin. They wet a tampon and wipe the surface. Since glycerol is transparent, for a light jacket this method is quite acceptable.
  • When it becomes necessary to dry the product, it is put on a hanger with shoulders. Drying is carried out at room temperature in a well-ventilated place.
  • Shoulders are selected so large and strong that they do not bend under the weight of outer clothing. In this case, the jacket will dry evenly and do not change its shape.
  • If you see that the pollution is complex, and you can not cope with improvised means, then take your favorite jacket to a dry cleaner.
How to Clean a Light or White Leather Jacket at Home?
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