16 ways to deceive your body

1. If you have a strong throat

Massage your earlobe. This activates the ear receptors and reflexively causes a spasm in the throat, which will facilitate perspiration.

2. If it’s hard for you to hear the muttering of the interlocutor

Turn your right ear to it, because it hears better quick, indistinct speech. A quiet melody will help to hear the left ear better, as it more sensitively catches musical overflows.

3. If you have a numb arm

Cope with this problem will help rotational movements of the head. The swelling of the arm is often caused by the pinched nerves of the neck muscles. The motor activity will help release the nerves and the sensitivity of the hand will recover.

4. If you are scared of the injection

Cough during a painful injection of the needle. This will significantly reduce pain, due to increased stress in the chest and cerebrospinal fluid, which will reduce the sensitivity of pain receptors.

5. If you have difficulty breathing due to nasal congestion

Press your tongue on the palate and massage your finger between the eyebrows, which will cause the vomer to stir, forming the back of the nasal septum. This will relieve the nasal congestion within 20 seconds.

6. If at night, heartburn prevents you from falling asleep

deceive your body
deceive your body

Try to sleep on your left side. It has been proven that this position of the body reduces the transfer of hydrochloric acid from the stomach into the esophagus. This is due to the fact that when the position on the left side angle between the esophagus and stomach decreases and getting into the esophagus of acid becomes difficult.

7. If you have a toothache

Relieve the pain will help grate the ice cube on the back of the palm in the membrane that forms between the thumb and forefinger. Thus, you block the pain signals from the aching tooth to the brain.

8. If you burned a finger

Reduce the probability of the appearance of blisters on the burn site, will help in applying to the sore spot clean pads of the other finger. It is unlikely to also effectively help to cope with the pain, like a piece of ice, however you will avoid long-term treatment of blisters.

9. If you went over with alcohol, and this led to dizziness

Grasp the hand for a stable object. The fact is that the liquid is in the inner ear of the same density as the blood. Diluting blood, alcohol increases the density of the fluid in the inner ear and raises the dome that regulates balance. The brain ceases to correctly perceive the position of the body. Even the fact that you are firmly on the ground is unlikely to help in this situation. Only tactile sensations by the hand help the brain to correct the wrong impression.

10. If after a run you feel a pain in the side

Exhale when transferring body weight to the left leg. This will reduce the pressure of the liver on the diaphragm and reduce pain in the side. Remember. What most people do is exhale, stepping on the right foot, and this leads to increased pressure on the liver.

11. If you have nosebleeds

Put a piece of cotton wool on the gum behind the bridle, located on the upper jaw and strongly press. This will increase pressure on the front of the nasal septum and reduce bleeding.

12. If you are worried about a violent heartbeat

Blow on the thumb, this will cause irritation of the vagus nerve and slow down the frequency of contractions of the heart.

13. If you are a man and you really need to go to the toilet

Force yourself to think about sex. Immediately it will be easier to endure. Because urination and sex are mutually exclusive concepts.

14. If it’s hard for you, diving, get the bottom of the pool

Take a few short quick breaths. This will give you another 10 seconds. Because the brain will think that you have enough oxygen in the reserve, and you will be able to implement your plans.

15. If you have to memorize the information by heart

Repeat the text several times before falling asleep. During sleep, the brain organizes information and translates it into long-term memory. When you wake up in the morning, you will find that you remember the text by heart.

16. If you are prone to seasickness

Standing on the lower deck. Keep your eyes on the horizon. This will ease your condition, by reducing the contradiction between sensations and visual impressions. Eating ginger also helps to cope with the problem of seasickness.

16 ways to deceive your body
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