Fix Facebook crash on Android

Facebook is always fun, right? It is an amazing social media platform that allows you to connect with people from different countries. However, you can struggle daily with Facebook keeps crashing or Facebook keeps returning to the home screen on your Android devices. This is not uncommon and crying over spilled milk is not worth it. Many users do not understand why this happens, however, there are many factors that contribute to the problem. If you are unsure about all these factors, this guide will help you fix Facebook crashing issue on Android.

How to Fix Facebook Crash on Android

The most common problem is that if your phones have any system updates and if you are unable to update them, then you will face the issue. We are not saying that this problem only occurs due to system update failure, but it is the main reason contributing to the problem.

  • Temporary failures in your device
  • Battery saver mode is forcibly quitting your app
  • Server side issues
  • Network connection is unstable
  • Background data is not enabled on your device
  • Facebook cache and data corrupted
  • Crashes in your Facebook account
  • Legacy Facebook app and Android operating system
  • The browser cache is corrupted if you are using the browser version of Facebook.
  • Incompatible Android devices that can only be fixed by reinstalling the app

After analyzing these factors, you must have gained some idea of ​​the problem. Now you can easily fix the issue that Facebook keeps returning to the home screen on your device by following the troubleshooting steps in the next section. Here are amazing troubleshooting ideas to help you fix Facebook crashing issue on Android. Do them in the same order for faster results.

Note. Because smartphones have different settings and therefore vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, make sure you set the correct settings before changing them. The above steps have been completed on a Redmi phone.

Method 1: Restart your phone

This is the most obvious solution that everyone makes when there is any problem with our device. Rebooting phones is a simple and effective way to fix the issue of Facebook keeping returning to the home screen. Although you know how to restart your mobile phone, we have indicated the following steps.

1. Press the power button on the side/top of your Android device.

2. You will then be presented with four options. Here, tap the Reboot option.

Note. Instead of clicking the Restart button, you can also click Power Off to turn off your device. If you do, hold the power button again to turn on your phone.

3. Be patient until your Android device restarts and check if you were able to fix Facebook crash issue gone or not.

Method 2: Disable Battery Saver Mode

The battery saver mode on your Android helps you save battery power once you turn it on. This feature of your smartphone uses only a limited number of services, applications, and features, and disables your Internet connection. This may cause Facebook to return to the home screen. Disabling battery saver mode on your device is very simple. You can implement it like below.

1. Swipe up/down the home screen to open the notifications panel.

2. Make sure the battery saver setting is not enabled. If so, click on the setting to disable the setting.

After making sure battery saver mode is not enabled, check if you can use Facebook on Android without any crashing issues.

Method 3: Sign out and sign back in

After applying the above methods, however, if you are facing Android Facebook crashing problem, there is another easy way to help you fix the problem. Just log out of your Facebook account and log back in after a while.

1. Launch the home screen on your device and tap Facebook. Then click on the menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Click "Logout" as shown in the picture.

2. Be patient and wait until you log out of your Facebook account.

3. Restart Android and click on your Facebook account to log in again.

4. Check if you have fixed the Facebook crash issue on Android.

Method 4: Check Facebook Server Status

Sometimes Facebook may cause some errors on the server side, and in some rare cases the Facebook server may be down for maintenance. In this case, you can't blame your Android for the fact that Facebook keeps coming back to the home screen issue. There are several online platforms like Downdetector to check if the Facebook servers are active or not.

1. Open a browser and visit the Downdetector official website.

2. Make sure you get the message "User reports don't show current Facebook issues on screen".

2A. If you receive this message, then there is no problem with the server. You should follow the methods below to fix the same.

2B. If there are any other messages or hints, you need to wait until the server is back to normal and the Facebook crashing problem in Android is resolved or not.

Method 5: Troubleshoot your network connection

This is the most important factor you should consider when using online applications. To get the best surfing experience on Facebook, you must have an adequate and stable network connection. You can easily check if you have enough network or not. Open a browser and search for something. If the search results don't show up saying "No data connection", you need to check your network connection, whether it's enabled or not. Also, if you are using a VPN service, disable it and see if that fixes the issue of Facebook returning to the home screen. Follow the steps below to check your mobile data.

1. Open the home screen on Android and tap the Settings app.

2. Now tap on the option "SIM cards and mobile networks" as shown in the picture.

3. Now turn on the Mobile Data option as shown in the picture.

4. If you are not within your geographic location, you can also use the roaming network. To do this, click "Advanced settings", as shown in the figure.

Note. Your internet operator will charge you an additional fee if you wish to use the international data roaming feature.

5. Then turn on "International Roaming" and select the "Always" option as shown in the figure.

6. Now click on Data Roaming.

7. Then confirm the request by clicking Enable, as shown in the figure.

8. Finally, check to see if you've managed to resolve the issue that Facebook keeps returning to the home screen. However, if you do not receive a solution, please follow the methods below.

Method 6: Turn on background data

In addition to turning on network connectivity, you must turn on background data to make sure your device uses mobile data even when battery saver mode is turned on. Follow the steps below to enable background data on Android.

1. Tap on the Settings app as you did in the above methods.

2. Then click Applications.

3. Then click "Manage apps and Facebook".

4. Now click "Limit data usage".

5. Select all three options from the Restrict Data Usage menu and click OK.

Now your device can connect to the network even if power saving mode is enabled. This will fix the Facebook crash issue.

Method 7: Force Close Facebook

Sometimes force closing Facebook will help you fix the issue that keeps Facebook crashing Android. This will close all open applications and programs and you will have to restart the respective application next time. Follow the steps below to force close Facebook.

1. Go to settings as before.

2. Then click Applications.

3. Then click "Manage Applications" and then "Facebook" as shown in the picture.

4. Here, click "Force Stop" as shown in the picture.

5. Finally, click OK to confirm the prompt, as shown in the figure.

6. Now restart Facebook and check if you can fix Facebook Android crash issue.

Method 8: Delete Facebook Cache

One of the unwanted disadvantages of the Facebook app is that it keeps the app cache and app data for a long period of time. This slows down the app until you uninstall it completely. Deleting the cache will not delete any important data belonging to the application, only temporary files will be deleted. Follow the steps below to manually clear Facebook cache on Android.

1. Scroll down to the home screen and tap the Settings app.

2. Then click Applications.

3. Then click "Manage Applications" and then "Facebook" as shown in the picture.

4. Now click "Storage" as shown in the picture.

5. Then click "Clear data" and "Clear cache" as shown in the picture.

6. If you want to delete all data related to Facebook, please click "Clear All Data".

7. Finally, check if you can fix the problem that Facebook keeps returning to the home screen.

Method 9: Remove and Add Facebook Account

Some users have suggested that deleting their Facebook account and re-adding it helped them fix Facebook going back to the home screen. Here are some easy steps to remove your Facebook account from Android and add it later.

1. Tap on the Settings app on your phone.

2. On the Settings screen, tap Accounts & sync as shown.

3. Then click on Facebook.

4. Now click on the "Advanced" option.

5. Then click "Delete Account".

Wait until the Facebook account is removed from your Android and restart your phone. Then sign in to Facebook again and check if you have fixed the Facebook crash issue.

Method 10: Update the Facebook App

This is the most important troubleshooting method for Android crashing on Facebook. Firstly, check if you have the latest updates for Facebook in the Play Store, if yes, you need to update it as below.

1. Go to the home screen, find the Play Store and open it.

2. Then enter Facebook in the search menu as shown in the picture.

3A. If the app needs an update, tap the Update option.

3B. If the app is already in its latest version, you will only see the Open and Delete options. In this case, switch to the next method.

4. Wait until the updates are installed on your device and check if you can fix Facebook Android crashing issue.

Method 11: Update Android OS

In some rare cases, if your Android device is not updated to the latest version, you will encounter Facebook keep crashing Android. So, update your firmware to the latest version and after installing major software updates, you should be able to get rid of the problem. Usually, your device automatically updates (if the corresponding setting is enabled) or notifies you about the update. If you see any updates pending, you can update your Android OS to the latest build by following our 3 Ways to Check for Updates on Your Android Phone guide.

After updating the Android OS, check if you can fix the Facebook crash issue.

Method 12: Clear Browser Cache

The cache and cookies in your browser really speed up your browsing experience. But these temporary files are only useful if they are limited in size. As the days go by, they increase in size and sometimes even deteriorate. This will cause Facebook to keep coming back to the home screen issue and it will also burn. If you're using Facebook on the web, clear your cache and cookies as instructed in our guide How to Clear Cache and Cookies on Android Devices.

After clearing your browser cache and cookies, check if you can fix Facebook crashing issue on Android.

Method 13: Reinstall the Facebook App

If none of the methods helped you fix the Facebook crashing issue, then you need to reinstall the app to fix the issue. This method should only be used if you do not need to fix any other methods.

Note. When you reinstall Facebook, your data and messages will be deleted. Make sure you have backed up the required data before following the next steps.

1. Go to the Play Store and search on Facebook.

2. Then click "Delete".

3. Wait until Facebook is completely removed from your Android. After that, search for Facebook again and click "Install".

4. After Facebook is installed on your device, click "Open" as shown in the picture.

5. Finally, recover your data (if you wish) and check if you can fix the Facebook crash error.

Method 14: Use an old version of the Facebook app

However, if you encounter Facebook keeps crashing Android even after reinstalling the app, you can try installing older versions of the Facebook app. They don't have major feature differences, but you can definitely try this workaround.

1. Firstly, uninstall the Facebook app as above.

2. Then go to the APKmirror website where you can download any previous versions of Facebook to your device.

3. Now click on the "Download" button next to all old versions of Facebook and wait for the APK to install.

Note. If you get a message while installing the APK, click Allow.

4. Restart your phone and check if Facebook crashing issue on Android is fixed.

Method 15: Contact Facebook Support

If none of the above methods helped you fix Facebook that keeps crashing out of Android, you need to seek help from the official Facebook team. The Facebook Help Center is the official support service that is available 24 hours a day online. You can report a Facebook app session expiration error using this help page by filling out an issue on the form. However, this will take time. After reviewing your complaint, the team will respond to you as soon as the issue is resolved.

Method 16: Factory Reset Your Android Device

If you don't have the patience to seek help from Facebook support to fix the issue that keeps Facebook crashing Android, you need to try resetting Android to factory settings. Please note that you only need to reset Android to the factory version if none of the methods helped you.

Note. The factory reset process will erase all your Android data and restore your devices to factory settings. Hence, you are advised to backup the required data before following this procedure. Read our guide to backing up Android phone data.

To factory reset your mobile phone, please read and follow the steps in our guide How to hard reset any Android device.


We hope this guide has been helpful and you have learned how to fix the problem of Facebook crashing all the time on your Android device. Feel free to contact us with your questions and suggestions through the comments section below. Let us know which topic you would like us to explore further.

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