Transformation of Conflict

6 Tips for Transformation of Conflict

Conflict in any sphere of activity is a normal phenomenon, almost daily. Against two ” for” there will be one in the team who does not agree. There are two classical solutions: management or authorization. Of them, and chooses the majority. Conflict management assumes that...

overcome the fear of the stage

How to overcome the fear of the stage?

For a long time, fear was considered the only salvation. It was he who included in us the instinct of self-preservation and forced us to move our feet with the greatest speed in order not to be eaten. And despite the fact that those terrible...

How to be happy

How to be happy every day?

One minute of gratitude Stop for a minute, sit down and just think about what you value and love in your partner, friend or relative. This will fill you with thanksgiving and redirect all attention to the good side of things that you think about....

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