Can you delete Facebook and keep Instagram?

Without a doubt, social networks have become an integral part of our daily lives; we tend to share almost every event in our lives on social media. That being said, Facebook and Instagram are the two main platforms on which we share most of our daily activities. However, sometimes it can become excessive and a person may want to uninstall any of the apps. And you might think, like what if I delete Facebook and leave Instagram? Many young people have moved from Facebook to Instagram, and it may be a wise decision to stay on one platform, delete Facebook and keep Instagram, and often unlink Instagram from Facebook and use Instagram without Facebook. Keep reading to see if you can delete Facebook and keep Instagram. So, on that note, if you are looking for tips about the same, we bring you a helpful guide that will teach you how to unlink Facebook from Instagram. So stay tuned for all the details.

Can you delete Facebook and keep Instagram?

Keep reading on to see if you can delete Facebook and keep Instagram in detail.

Can Facebook be permanently deleted?

Yes, you can permanently delete your Facebook account.

Can I use Instagram without Facebook?

Yes, whether you have a Facebook account or not, Instagram only allows you to create an account with a mobile phone number or email address. Click the sign up button when creating an Instagram account and follow the Instagram instructions on the screen to create an account. So you can use Instagram without Facebook.

Can you have an Instagram account without a Facebook account?

Yes, you can use Instagram without an FB account, because registration only requires your mobile number or email address and creating a password for account security. When signing up for Instagram, follow the on-screen instructions to create an Instagram account without using FB.

Does deleting my Facebook account delete my Instagram account?

No, you will be able to use your Instagram account. Before deleting your Facebook account, please log in to your IG account in a different way than through Facebook. And go to your account settings, then add your work email address to your account. If you delete your Facebook account. It will automatically disconnect from your Instagram account. You can then use this email address to access your Instagram account. Thanks to this, you can delete Facebook and keep Instagram.

Can you delete Facebook and keep Instagram?

Yes, you can delete Facebook and keep Instagram. You can log in to your Instagram account using your email ID or phone number and the password you have set for your account. You don't have to have Facebook to use IG.

What happens to linked accounts when you delete Facebook? What happens to my linked accounts if I delete Facebook?

If you permanently delete your Facebook account, all accounts associated with the Facebook Login feature will also be deleted. Facebook does notice deletion delays of several days, during which time if you log into the Facebook app, your original deletion request is cancelled.

What happens to Instagram if I disable Facebook?

Deactivating Facebook means temporary deletion, but you can return to the app whenever you want. As a result, if you deactivate your Facebook account, your Instagram account will not be affected. You can still access Instagram by logging in with your email address, phone number, and password. In this case, you can also delete Facebook and keep Instagram.

What happens if I unlink my Instagram from Facebook?

Once you unlink your account, new Instagram posts will no longer appear on Facebook. Also, when your Facebook friends log into Instagram, they won't be prompted to follow you there.

Why shouldn't you delete Facebook?

Some of the main reasons why you should not delete Facebook are listed below:

  • Facebook can help you stay connected: Facebook is one of the main reasons families are now more connected digitally. This is especially true for older people who have grown up with the internet and social media. These close family relationships would be harder to maintain if you didn't maintain and update your Facebook profile. Your family and friends probably rely on it to feel connected to you, no matter how far away you are.
  • Facebook helps you stay up to date: Since Facebook has become so popular, you will often hear about the latest news on Facebook. Whether it's a major crisis, a natural disaster, or a famous celebrity tragedy, you're more likely to hear about it from Facebook.
  • Community Friendly: This is beneficial to the community because you can connect with your local community or online communities by joining Facebook groups that share your interests or by making local transactions through the Marketplace. In addition, Facebook now offers Community Boost, a program that provides digital skills training for small businesses and local organizations.

How to remove Facebook from my Instagram?

Let's see how you can remove or remove Facebook from your Instagram account.

1. Launch the Instagram app on your Android and iOS devices.

2. Click on Profile tab > hamburger icon > Settings.

3. Click on Account Center.

4. Then select your Facebook account.

5. Click Remove from Account Center.

6. Click Remove. [username] to confirm the process.

How do I disconnect my Facebook from my Instagram?

You can follow the steps mentioned above to disconnect your FB account from your Instagram account.

How to delete Facebook and keep Instagram?

If you haven't linked your Instagram to Facebook, you can delete your Facebook and keep IG. Therefore, the following steps will help you uninstall Facebook:

1. Access the Facebook website through a browser and sign in to your account.

2. Click the down arrow in the upper right corner of the screen as shown below.

3. Then click "Settings and Privacy".

4. Select Settings.

5. Then click on the "Your Facebook Information" option.

6. Click "View" next to the "Deactivate and delete" option.

7. Select "Deactivate Account" and click "Continue Deactivating Account".

8. Enter your password and click "Continue" to delete Facebook and keep Instagram.

9. Select a reason, explain the reason, and click Deactivate.

How to delete a Facebook account without losing everything?

You can deactivate your Facebook account which will temporarily delete your account and you won't lose your data. The steps mentioned above will help you deactivate your account. For more information, please visit the Facebook Help Center page.

If I delete my Facebook, will it delete my business page?

Yes, permanently deleting your Facebook account may result in your business page being deleted. You will also lose access to assets provided to you by other companies.

If I delete my Facebook, will it delete my posts?

Yes, messages will be deleted for you. You will not be able to regain access to your account if you delete it. If Facebook delays the deletion for several days after the request was made and you log in to your Facebook account again during that time, your deletion request will be cancelled. Some information is not stored in your account, such as your message history. This means that messages you send after deleting your account may still be available to friends.


We hope you have learned about whether you can delete Facebook and keep Instagram and unlink my Instagram from Facebook. Feel free to contact us with your questions and suggestions through the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to know about next.

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