Why do we lie

Why do we lie?

In matters of relations, sincerity is almost the first place. People often demand the truth from each other, whatever they are. But it turns out that being honest is not easy for everyone. Someone is lying for their own benefit, someone out of habit –...

myths about happiness

18 myths about happiness

Here are the 18 most common myths, illusions and misconceptions about our happiness, written on the basis of one of the chapters of Andrei Zhalevich’s book The New Philosophy of Prosperity. Fundamental principles of success, harmony and happiness. “ Here are these myths: THE 1ST...

myths about happiness

3 myths about happiness

Just as the natural physical condition of a person is health and cheerfulness, his natural emotional state is peace and happiness. The modern parable A group of graduates of a prestigious university, successful, who made a remarkable career, came to visit their old professor. During...

myths about happiness

5 myths about happiness

We all like to play a game called “Catch happiness.” This game consists of riddles. We always guess what exactly can make us happy. Who unravels the riddles correctly, he knows that he is able to give him pleasure, and he is happy. The state...

Why not share your plans and intentions

Why not share your plans and intentions

Everyone knows the saying: “If you want to make God laugh – tell him about your plans”. Do you know such a situation when, with carefully thought out prospects, your plans crumble for unknown reasons? Or an unknown force tells a person to abandon the...

Stop sharing your plans

Stop sharing your plans for the future

Have you ever watched how your plans, which you were covered with only recently, that burned and dreamed of what would come out when you reach them, collapsed from the breeze of the wind? Or, having conceived a new business plan, you calculate the profit,...

Why not share your plans

Why not share your plans with anyone?

Imagine that you decided to do something important and enjoyable – for example, go on a trip that you’ve been dreaming about, or buy a dress that you saw yesterday in the shop window. Since this desire literally bursts you from the inside, you can...

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