15 Best Screen Recorders for Windows, macOS and Chrome OS

Increase traffic and sales by recording actionable information with a screen recorder and sharing it with your audience.

Capture everything that happens on the screen as a video with sound.

Currently, screen recording software is widely used in the market by many bloggers, developers, system administrators, customer support teams, mentors and tutors, and other professionals.

Software Benefits:

  • It helps you explain things in a comprehensive way versus plain text or infographics that not everyone can understand.
  • Visually clarifies things for instructions that may include audio
  • This will help you build customer confidence as issues can be easily resolved with videos showing them how to perform certain actions.

So let's now take a look at some of the best screen recording software that you can turn to.


Movavi is a lightweight screen recording tool that is widely used for recording webinars, tutorials, online courses. The impressive aspect of this screen recorder is that it can record Full HD video at around 60 fps/audio.

To get started with this tool, all you need to do is select the area you want to capture and then adjust the settings. Now press the REC button to start screen recording. Then you can edit the recorded file, save it with simple editing tools in a convenient format and get the perfect picture.

Create screencasts by capturing video screens, adding your voice to it with a microphone, capturing your face with a webcam, and recording internal sounds with system audio. The tool even allows you to take screenshots of web pages using their free extension called Movavi ScreenShot.

Movavi allows you to record audio from your microphone or computer separately from screen recording, or record audio and screen at the same time. Selecting time and date for scheduled recording is also possible in Movavi. You also get a preview window to see how it looks and then add graphics or annotations.

Upload recordings to Google Drive or YouTube and share links with colleagues for collaboration. You can even share screenshots on your social networks. Customize mouse display and keystroke display in recordings, and convert videos with SuperSpeed ​​tool.

Movavi supports the following file formats: MP3, MP4, PNG, JPG, AVI, MKV, MOV, and BMP. They are constantly updating their recorder with new features and functions for free, and provide built-in tips to help you make better use of the software. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also available if you don't like their services.


One of the best screen recording and video editing solutions you can find is Screencast-O-Matic . It was released back in 2006 and can be easily launched right from your browser. It is compatible with Windows, Chrome and macOS and you can use any free or paid software.

They have their own library where you can find the perfect images and videos to enhance your projects. Capture all or a specific part of your computer screen to start recording. You can add and set up a webcam to take the perfect shot. Interestingly, you can also add narration to captured recordings using the microphone.

Add subtitles, standard music, trim recordings to remove unwanted parts, and save them to your computer, or you can upload them to YouTube or Screencast-O-Matic. You can draw while recording, zoom and pan to capture important parts of the screen, use interactive and automatic subtitles, the script editor, and even import scripts.

Personalize your recordings with a smart video editor that helps you mix and match recordings, import video and audio. Take your presentations to the next level by customizing videos with stunning animations, overlays, and more.

You can blur, highlight areas, add arrows, shapes and lines; create transitions, change colors, fonts and sizes; slow down or speed up certain sections of the video; hide or show; scale or crop the webcam; or you can also enable green screen.


Demo Maker is a powerful video editing and screen recording tool that you can use to record tutorials, games, presentations, demo videos and edit them quickly. It also records audio, webcam and screen activities.

You can edit video and microphone sound on any tracks using the built-in editor. Enhance clips by adding transitions, green screen, panning or zooming to a specific point. Tell your personal stories and experiences with DemoCreator by recording your screen or webcam and then editing them.

As a teacher, you can give assignments to students and teach them the way you want. It also helps salespeople to prepare and record their presentations with reporting data and comments for better and more efficient communication. If you are a gamer, you can capture the moment of victory, add feedback and share your experience.

You can add text, stickers, title and other effects to take your video to the next level. You can share your videos, download them, and save them on your computer. In addition to this, you can get a spotlight feature to explain your points of view more clearly. Finally, select templates for the title, video intro, end credits, and subtitles.

You can also add different types of shapes to express your thoughts quickly.

Go ahead and give it a try to see how it works for you.


iSpring Cam Pro is a professional screen recording software for Windows. It is widely used by a wide variety of audiences: from corporate experts to YouTube bloggers.

With a wide range of features, iSpring Cam Pro is the perfect choice for creating software tutorials, training videos, and entire video courses. This tool allows you to record a voiceover using a microphone and add sound effects or music to your video. You can also record a screencast and speaker video at the same time to create a picture-in-picture screencast.

To make your videos even more professional and engaging, you can add intro slides, captions, annotations, highlight mouse actions by highlighting the cursor and adding click sounds, and apply transition effects.

Once the video is completed, you can instantly share it with your audience by uploading it directly to YouTube or saving it as an MP4 file on your computer and sending the video to colleagues via LMS or email.

iSpring Cam Pro has a free 14 day trial and costs $227 per user per year.


Record your Windows or Mac screen with Vidmore Screen Recorder which offers a convenient way to capture any part, record audio and HD video, and take screenshots as you wish.

Whether you want to capture breathtaking gameplay, computer screen, online lectures, favorite music, webcam video or just a screenshot, Vidmore makes it easy for you to do it all. Experienced YouTubers or new users, anyone can use the software and record their own audio or video.

In addition, Vidmore helps teachers, students, gamers, vloggers, and video creators use powerful screen recording software. Select the area you want to capture and add shapes, arrows or text to the screenshot or recording using the live drawing options. You can also define mouse effects if you like during recording and set video quality, video codec and video format.

In addition, you can schedule start time, end time, duration, and assign task names. If you don't need any particular clip, trim your recordings and set the screen capture format or output the video as a GIF file. In addition, Vidmore makes your work easier by providing a shortcut to start, pause, record, capture scream, etc. It also supports Mac and Windows and provides excellent quality at high speed.

Download Vidmore for free or use the product for one month as a trial and then renew for $29.95 per month per computer.

HitPaw Screen Recorder

HitPaw Screen Recorder is a cheap yet powerful screen recorder for Windows and Mac. You only need to pay to start at $9.99 to get the full version and use it to record screen, record webcam, record game, record screen and your face at the same time, record iPhone/iPad on PC. With these features, no matter you are a gamer, teacher, businessman/woman, YouTuber, etc., it can meet your requirements.

In order to improve your video recording experience, it provides scheduled and timed recording so that you can record live video without sitting in front of the computer, it allows you to view the recording content while recording through the live monitor, and save your videos in a specific duration with a segment recording, you can capture the keyboard, capture the mouse, add an arrow, highlight some parts, draw, etc. if you need.

And when you finish recording, you can use its free editor to cut, crop, resize, change speed, adjust, rotate it. If you'd like to test it out before purchasing, you can download a free trial .


TechSmith has everything you need to record your computer screen. They offer you two screen recording apps or software for free that you can use on different OS platforms.

They are:

TechSmith will help you choose the perfect recorder for your needs by asking questions that lead to the right software. Both Camtasia and Snagit are the best video and screen capture solutions according to the G2 community and thousands of their users.

Get stronger

Snagit allows you to record a screen along with a screenshot, as well as edit screenshots on Mac and Windows. It is ideal for providing technical support, documenting the process, presenting informal and short screencasts, and providing quick feedback.

It comes with a simple toolbar and allows you to create animated GIFs, remove errors, and allows you to switch between screen content and webcam while recording. Here you get features like audio recording, video clip trimming, selection tools, and screen recording at up to 30fps.

Share your videos and images via MS PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, Google Drive, Gmail, TechSmith Camtasia and TechSmith Screencast. It is available for $49.99.


Camtasia allows you to easily record your screen and convert it into a beautiful video by editing it easily. It works on both Mac and Windows and is considered one of the best all-in-one tools on the market today.

It is ideal for tutorials and tutorial videos, product demos, educational tutorials, screencast scripts and presentations. Camtasia lets you record your webcam and desktop at the same time, import and edit audio tracks, record narration, add title slides, video captions, and more.

Camtasia comes with features like built-in video templates to cut down on editing time, create custom templates and share those templates, themes, libraries, favorites and shortcuts in one file. Its drag and drop editor provides easy editing and has royalty-free customizable assets to give your videos a professional look.

Get this tool for $249.99. Or is there an option where you can buy a kit containing both Camtasia and Snagit to capture whatever you want on screen, which costs $274.99.


Loom is a simple, free and easy to use tool that makes screen recording easy. Not only is it available for multiple platforms, but it's also quick to set up and get going. More than 7 million users in 90,000 companies around the world choose Loom as their screen recorder.

It facilitates quick recording by allowing you to record the screen directly with or without the camera. The moment you finish recording and hit stop, you will see a link that you can instantly copy to your clipboard and then share it immediately.

Trim your video and add your own thumbnail or call to action to it so it draws more attention to what people can expect from the video and takes the appropriate action. Another cool feature included with Loom is reactions where viewers can easily express themselves with comments and emojis.

You can control how a video is viewed by making it available only to specific email addresses. To do this, you can set a password for your videos. In the Access Control section, you can see the Search Engine Indexing option, turn it on or off depending on whether you want it to be visible to everyone on the Internet or not.


Screencast is a free screen recorder for Chrome. This tool is great for you even if you are a beginner or an experienced video maker.

Screencastify can capture your entire screen, webcam, or your tab. This allows you to embed your webcam anywhere in your recording. You can also tell your story and even record it offline where you don't have an internet connection.

Use their annotation tools to get your audience hooked on your story or presentation. You can take advantage of features such as click highlighting, pen drawing, and mouse highlighting. When you're done recording your video, you can seamlessly share it with the world without fear.

Screencastify lets you automatically save recordings to Google Drive, instantly share a link, upload them to YouTube, and export them as MP3, MP4, or animated GIF files.

Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is a minimalist app that you can use to start screen recording for your needs, be it presentation, collaboration or anything else for that matter. Its interface is quite simple, you can see the red button you need to press to select the computer screen.

You can also enable or disable our microphone depending on your preference.

And this is it!

This tool is absolutely free, no restrictions or registrations are required on your part. It is also private because all your recordings are processed directly in your browser, which does not require processing or uploading data to the server for any screenshots taken.

Screen Recorder is a simple website that you can open at any time without having to download it. This progressive web app or PWA works on Windows, macOS, Chrome, and even Linux.


Easy-to-use tool – Klaket makes the screen recording process very easy with its exceptional features that you can use on your Mac. You can create a new video on the screen or through a connected camera and then quickly edit it.

This tool saves you the hassle of apps when resizing a video to get the dimensions you want. It comes with a Crop and Trim tool that cuts out areas you don't want to leave in a GIF or video.

You can use either option to capture the screen through the built-in Retina display, FaceTime HD camera, or MacBook Pro microphone. Claquette provides all the tools you need to export great GIFs that aren't bulky.

Using this tool, you can also resize videos for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other similar sites so that you can present your content in the best possible way. It supports various file formats, giving you more flexibility. Claquette provides a native macOS experience as it uses the latest Mac technologies such as Touch Bar or Force Touch, Dark Mode, etc.



Before you share your video with the world, make it flawless and professional by giving it the necessary retouching with Descript. This tool is a collaborative video and audio editor that performs similar functions to doc. It includes a screen recorder, transcription, publishing, multi-tasking editing, and AI-powered tools.

Its screen recorder is free and decrypts as you record and then upload it, so that file sharing becomes easy and fast. Descript is used by many startups, customer support groups, and marketing agencies to help their customers better understand their business and better serve them.


Free Software - SRecorder records PC screens with high quality sound and video. It is not resource intensive tool which is simple and easy to use.

Sophisticated anti-virus programs have tested SRecorder to prove it's safe; hence, you can use it for video clips, lectures, audio conversations and more without any problems. You can record screens with or without audio, resize the recording area, and then start recording video.

When you finish recording, click "Stop Recording" and then you can save the video to your computer or upload it to social networks.

ShareX is a popular screen recorder for Windows. It can capture a specific part of your screen or all of it with great customization options so you can use it according to your unique needs.

In addition to tutorial videos, product demos, etc., ShareX can create videos for hands-on demonstrations of people for gaming purposes. This allows you to comment on posts and upload them in different ways to different destinations.

The following features are included:

  • Upload screenshots to over 70 hosts such as Dropbox, Imgur, Google Drive and more.
  • Built-in image editor including color effects
  • Supports multiple services for sharing URLs and combining images.
  • Record as GIF and video


Screen Recording Software - Bandicam is a simple Windows tool capable of recording anything on your computer screen as a high quality video. In addition, you can capture games using OpenGL, Direct or Vulkan graphics technologies.

It provides a high compression ratio when capturing the screen, so the video quality can be kept closer to the original. You can save the file in formats such as image files, AVI, MP4, etc. It can capture 3D or 2D games on the screen in 4K UHD or ultra high definition, and video at up to 480fps.

Recording from external devices including Xbox, PlayStation, IPTV, smartphones, etc. Features included in Bandicam:

  • real time drawing,
  • Adding a webcam overlay while recording
  • Schedule recording daily or weekly
  • Simultaneous addition of your voice and system sound
  • Mouse Effects
  • Chromakey


Choosing a screen recorder to create engaging visual content has become a smart business strategy to grow your business. Choose any of the ones listed above for your next screen recording needs.

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